5 Awesome Heating Contractors to Use - Other Than Us

April 16, 2021

The heating industry is, unfortunately, a bit like the wild west of the trades world, there is a cowboy around every corner just waiting to separate you from your hard-earned cash.

At Heatsy, we’ve worked hard to build a reputation as a company that delivers outstanding customer service for a fair price, in fact we’ve got tons of 5-star reviews for our boiler repairs, boiler installations, and general heating services.

Unfortunately, we’re not always able to help everyone who calls because sometimes we’re fully booked, and we can’t offer a suitable appointment or sometimes we get enquiries from places we don’t currently cover.

As a heating service provider who truly cares about all our customers, we’ve decided to put together a list of our top 5 heating contractors/companies to try - when you can’t get us.

We’ve compiled the list based on skill, knowledge, and experience. We’ve personally learned from some and tried to mould our business to emulate others, in alphabetical order here are our recommendations for 5 awesome heating contractors - other than us.

  1. Adam Chapman aka Heat Geek.

    In the heating industry, Adam is a bit of a living legend. As his pseudonym would suggest he is extremely knowledgeable in everything to do with heating, I regularly read his blogs or watch his YouTube videos to make sure I keep my knowledge up to date. Not content with just making sure he is the best he can be he is on a mission to help to upskill the whole industry and launched his Heating Mastery training course to share his unrivalled knowledge. He is one half of a company called Vito Energy and they are the largest installer of Hydrogen fuel cells in the UK, for anything green, renewable, or Hydrogen related Vito Energy aka Heat Geek aka Adam Chapman is your go to guy.

  2. Hallamshire Energy aka The Big Boiler Shop

    We don’t call him the king of the north for nothing, founded by Tommy Lee Zmuda Hallamshire Energy and The Big Boiler Shop have grown to be one of north England’s largest boiler installation companies.

    From humble beginnings, Tommy has studied business to the extent of making it an art form and grown a monster of a business that is built on the back of recommendations and reviews.

    Another who is intent on sharing his self-taught knowledge, along with Rob Taylor, he formed The Boiler Business. As someone who went through the training, I can say it’s a place where struggling business owners can learn how to organise and run a professional business enabling them to offer a better service to their customers.

    If you need a new boiler installation or some help running a business, Tommy Lee Zmuda is your go to guy.

  3. Winston Davis aka Avenue Heating

    Winston is another who is a bit of a local celebrity, during the first lockdown last year he was offering free boiler repairs to the elderly, and he made headlines on the local press as well as national radio when he managed to bring the local community together to supply and fit a new boiler for a 92-year-old man who had been bathing in his sink with boiled water for 6 months.

    Winston’s company, Avenue Heating are experts in all types of plumbing and heating and regularly do charity work and help the local community.

  4. Pimlico Plumbers

    What can we say that you probably don’t already know? Pimlico offers an amazing service and will usually get an engineer to your door in under an hour if it’s an emergency. They were probably the first independent plumbing and heating company outside of BG that offered a professional service with a brand identity and have evolved to offer a multi trade service.

    It’s a business we’ve tried to emulate and looked at as an example of how to develop a professional service, while other companies were driving dirty old vans and wearing jeans half way down their backsides Pimlico were, and still are offering something better.

    They are probably the most expensive name on the list, but quality delivered fast doesn’t come cheap. If you’re in a fix and you need someone quick Pimlico Plumbers will be a good shout.

  5. The Heating Hub

    Founded by Jo Alsop and Caroline Williams, The Heating Hub is a consumer champion dedicated to educating the public about issues within our industry and also championing the elite installers who do the job properly (we’re proud to be one of their elite installers).

    The website has tons of useful tips for when you’re planning a new installation and can connect you to one of their elite heating heroes who will guarantee you a top of the range, high performing, super-efficient heating installation.

    If you want a quality job done right, The Heating Hub is where you start.

So that is it, our top 5 awesome heating contractors - other than us. Of course, we’d always advise you to call us first but if for any reason we’re unable to get out to you when you need us anyone from the list above would be a more than adequate substitute.

We hope you found this article interesting and useful, if you didn’t please let us know why and what we could do to improve it.

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Thank you for reading.