A comprehensive guide to the Vaillant ecoTec plus boiler range.

May 22, 2023

Welcome to the homeowner's guide to the Vaillant ecoTec plus boiler range! Vaillant is a reputable and established brand that offers a wide range of boilers for homeowners, and the ecoTec plus series is known for its efficiency and reliability.

In this guide, we will provide you with an overview of the ecoTec plus boiler range, including its features, benefits, installation requirements, and maintenance tips.


The ecoTec plus boiler range by Vaillant is a series of condensing boilers that are designed to provide efficient and reliable heating for your home. They are available in different models and sizes to suit different property sizes and heating demands. The ecoTec plus boilers are known for their high energy efficiency, which can help you save on your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

Features and Benefits:

  1. High Energy Efficiency: The ecoTec plus boilers are highly efficient, with an A-rated performance for both heating and hot water. They achieve high efficiency by extracting heat from the flue gases, which would otherwise be lost in non-condensing boilers, and using it to preheat the incoming cold water.
  2. Quiet Operation: The ecoTec plus boilers are designed to operate quietly, ensuring that you can enjoy a peaceful home environment without any disruptive noises from your boiler.
  3. Compact Size: The ecoTec plus boilers are compact in size, making them suitable for installation in tight spaces, such as cupboards or utility rooms.
  4. Advanced Controls: The ecoTec plus boilers work perfectly with Vaillants own eBus advanced controls that allow you to easily program and control your heating and hot water settings, providing you with effortless comfort and efficient convenience.
  5. Reliability: Vaillant is known for producing reliable boilers, and the ecoTec plus range is no exception. These boilers are built to last, with durable components and materials that ensure long-term performance.

Installation Requirements:

The installation of a Vaillant ecoTec plus boiler should be carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer, who is qualified and trained to work with gas appliances.

As Vaillant Advance PRO installers Heatsy know the boiler installation requirements very well, and install hundreds of these boilers every year. The specific requirements of each installation will vary, however generally, the following points should be considered:

  1. Gas Supply: The ecoTec plus boilers require a gas supply with the correct pressure and size to ensure proper operation. The gas supply should be connected and tested by a qualified engineer.
  2. Water Supply: The boilers need a suitable water supply, including a mains cold water supply for filling and pressurising the system, and a connection to the hot water outlets in your home.
  3. Flue System: The ecoTec plus boilers are condensing boilers and require a flue system to safely vent the combustion gases. The flue system should be installed according to the manufacturer's instructions and local regulations.
  4. Pipework and Controls: The pipework and controls for the heating and hot water system should be installed to the manufacturer's specifications, including any zoning or control requirements.
  5. Electrical Supply: The boilers require an electrical supply for powering the controls, pumps, and other components. The electrical supply should be installed by a qualified electrician and comply with local electrical regulations.

Maintenance Tips:

To keep your Vaillant ecoTec plus boiler operating efficiently and reliably, regular maintenance is essential. Here are some maintenance tips to keep in mind:

  1. Annual Servicing: It is recommended to have your boiler serviced annually by a qualified Gas Safe registered engineer. This will help identify any potential issues and keep the boiler running at its best.
  2. System Pressure: Check the system pressure regularly and ensure it is within the recommended range. Low pressure can affect the performance of the boiler and may require re-pressurizing.
  3. Flow temperature: We only install our Vaillant boilers with Vaillant’s own eBus controls because they automatically adjust the boiler flow temperature to keep it at its optimal temperature. However, if you have basic on/off controls, or any controls that are not Vaillant controls you should aim to keep the boiler flow set to 60 degrees celsius.
  4. Hot water temperature: Again, eBus controls will negate the need for you to do anything here, but if you have basic controls you should aim to keep the hot water set to around 55 degrees celsius.


The Vaillant ecoTEC plus boiler range is a popular choice for homeowners who want a reliable and energy-efficient heating system. Here is a guide to help you understand the features, benefits, and maintenance of this boiler range.


  • The ecoTEC plus range includes combi, system, and regular boilers.
  • Combi boilers provide instant hot water and heating, while system and regular boilers require a separate hot water cylinder.
  • All ecoTEC plus boilers have a stainless steel heat exchanger and a high-efficiency pump, which helps to reduce energy consumption and increase durability.
  • The boilers have a range of output options, so you can choose the one that suits your home's heating and hot water demands.
  • They come with a 5-year guarantee as standard, and can be extended up to 10 years.


  • The ecoTEC plus range has been awarded the Quiet Mark, meaning it operates quietly, making it ideal for properties where noise may be an issue.
  • The boilers have a high efficiency rating, meaning they can help reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint.
  • The range includes the latest technology such as smart controls and wireless connectivity, making it easier to manage and control your heating system.
  • The boilers are easy to install and maintain, with clear digital displays and user-friendly controls.


  • It's important to get your boiler serviced annually by a Gas Safe registered engineer to ensure it's working safely and efficiently.
  • Regular maintenance can help prevent breakdowns and prolong the life of your boiler.
  • The ecoTEC plus range has a built-in frost protection system, which means it can continue to operate even in cold weather conditions.
  • Vaillant recommends using their own brand of filters and chemicals to protect the boiler from corrosion and sludge build-up.

In summary, the Vaillant ecoTEC plus boiler range is a reliable and efficient choice for homeowners who want a quality heating system. It's important to have your boiler serviced regularly and use the recommended maintenance products to ensure it remains in good working order.


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