Annual Heating Service

April 22, 2021

You know that feeling of being left unsatisfied or like you’ve been ripped off when you pay a heating engineer to service your boiler and they’re done in 20 minutes and didn’t leave the kitchen?

We’ll, we fix that!

We help to make your life more comfortable by ensuring your heating is performing at its optimum efficiency and increasing its reliability with a proper boiler and heating service.

In fact, we’ve got tons of 5 STAR reviews from our other happy customers.

A spa day for your heating

‘I’ve had my boiler serviced every year, isn’t that something that should have been picked up during the service?’

Sound familiar? If it does don’t worry, you’re not alone. Thousands of people get their boiler serviced each year with the best intentions of trying to do the right thing incorrectly thinking that if the boiler is serviced then everything will be OK, sadly it won’t.

The boiler is just one part of a larger heating system, in fact, the main cause for boiler breakdowns or premature boiler replacements is the heating system.

The boiler can only operate as well as the system it’s installed on does, so if you fit a new boiler to an old, dirty system it’s only a matter of time before the problems with the system spread to the new boiler.

Even if you’re one of the few who did have your system upgraded or properly cleaned during the installation, if it has just left and forgotten about while the boiler has been serviced and properly maintained each year it will deteriorate and start to affect the performance of the boiler.

If one is neglected, then both are neglected.

At Heatsy as part of your annual boiler service we also give your heating system a health check, we walk the system and check for leaks, we’ll check the radiator valves and controls are working.

We’ll check the radiators are heating correctly and bleed where necessary and take a sample of the heating system water for a rapid on-site analysis to let you know the exact health of your heating system and if you need to take any action before your boiler starts to suffer.

We’ll leave you with two digital reports, one for your boiler service showing all the readings and noting down if any seals were replaced and a second for the heating system giving you a detailed breakdown of the state of the water in your heating system and if any action is needed.

This report could prove vital if you have a new boiler installation and the manufacturer questions the quality of your heating system when you make a claim on your warranty.

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