June 19, 2021

Ever since we shed our fur and stood on our hind legs humans has been on a relentless quest to keep warm.

From early humans gathered around a campfire some 1.5 million years ago to today’s modern, energy efficient heating systems available at the flick of a switch we’ve constantly strived to improve the reliability of our heating systems- but why?

Well in today’s western world of instant coffee, box set binge TV, and all the other relative luxuries we enjoy, it’s very easy to take things like heating and hot water systems for granted and forget that warmth is one of the key necessities for life.

In many places, a reliable heating system is more than a luxury it’s a life saver and as we’ve evolved so have our heating systems.

From campfires to Roman ducts to gas boilers and eventually heat pumps, every time humans has taken a leap forward in technological evolution, we’ve taken our heating and hot water systems with us.

At Heatsy we know heating, it’s what we do. From boiler repairs to heating upgrades and new boiler installations we’re experts in all things heating.

We’re not your average ‘boiler slinger’, we respect our trade and fully understand the importance it plays in many people’s lives.

We can design an ultra-efficient, modern heating system taking advantage of controls like weather or load compensation, or we can retrofit a new boiler on to your existing system and set it up to be as efficient as possible.

Our boiler repair engineers are experts on all types of boilers and heating systems, new and old if you’re experiencing issues with your heating system, we will be able to fix it, if not we pay you double our diagnostics fee.

Key to a reliable heating system is proper maintenance.

At Heatsy we don’t just service your boiler and leave in 20 minutes like so many in our industry, we check the water quality, balance the heating system, check the water tanks, controls and radiators and we leave you a report with all our findings and any recommendations so you can make an informed decision in your own time and prevent any major problems before it’s too late.

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