Heatsy Field Staff Code of Conduct

May 29, 2021

Our Code of Conduct sets out a list of minimum expectations and behaviours when performing any duties for Heatsy Ltd.

Code of Conduct


Call the customer if you are running late by any amount for any reason.

Call or text the customer with an eta when en route.

Arrive smartly in your company uniform.

Park thoughtfully taking care not to block the customer or their neighbour’s driveway.

Take minimal tools for your initial assessment.

Put on your shoe covers at the entrance to the customer’s property.

Show your company I.D card and introduce yourself to the customer as an employee of Heatsy.

Wait to be invited in before entering the customer’s property.

Listen to the customer if they wish to explain any fault history or job requirements.

Keep the work area clean and tidy using dust sheets, buckets, and any other necessary covers.

Work safely for both yourself and our customer

Keep the customer updated on the progress of the work.

Ask the customer before isolating/turning off any utilities i.e., gas-water-electricity.

Ask the customer before using the lavatory.

Tidy up any mess and take away any waste.

Test any work/parts to ensure proper operation.

Explain what you have done and ensure the customer is satisfied.

Offer the customer any relevant advice for their property from upgrades to efficiency savings.

Once the customer is satisfied and everything is finished request the customer sign your job record.

Treat the customer with the dignity and respect you expect to be treated with

Do Not

Leave it up to the customer to chase an appointment if you’re running late.

Just turn up unannounced

Arrive in dirty scruffy clothes with no company branding anywhere.

Arrive with loud music playing and park inconsiderately.

Take all your tools causing unnecessary trip hazards and obstructions.

Walk dirty work boots through the customer's house.

Expect to be granted entry without validating your identity.

Enter a property where there is not at least one person of the age of 18 or older.

Attempt to walk in as soon as the door is opened.

Rush the customer or ignore them if they are trying to talk to you.

Share your negative opinion of the customer’s appliance/installation.

Work in a way likely to cause damage to the customer’s property.

Work in a way which could cause harm to yourself or our customer.

Shut off any utilities before first warning the customer and getting permission.

Use the customer’s bathroom facilities without permission including washbasin.

Ask for tea or refreshments without being offered.

Smoke in/on or near the customer’s property.

Leave mess and waste.

Tell the customer you are finished before testing the correct operation of appliances worked on

Complete a job before explaining to the customer what work was done.

Issue an invoice before confirming the customer is satisfied.

Offer any advice which is not specifically relevant to the customer you are with

Enter any altercation, either verbal or physical with a customer.

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