Ideal F2 Or FL Flame Loss

April 18, 2023

FL Flame Loss is a type of flame loss that occurs when there is a sudden decrease in the flame. This usually happens when there is a fault with the gas meter, or the gas valve is faulty. Both of which can be dangerous.

The main effect of FL Flame Loss is that it can cause your boiler to shut off unexpectedly and limit its ability to heat your home properly. If you notice this symptom, then it's essential to get it fixed as soon as possible so that you don't have any problems in the future with your heating system. Read on to learn some of the causes of F2 flame loss and how to prevent or fix the fault.

What Are the Causes of F2 Flame Loss?

The flame on your boiler is essential to maintain a safe and comfortable heating system. If you notice that your boiler is losing its flame, it's time to call a boiler repair company. Here are some of the most common reasons for loss of flame:

Gas Valve is Stuck

The gas valve can become stuck due to sediment build-up in the valve, and this causes the gas to flow slowly or stop altogether, resulting in loss of flame. Your technician will first clean out any debris from the valve, so it operates appropriately again.

Boiler Fan is Faulty or Set to the Wrong Speed

The boiler fan is required for circulating air around your heating system and keeping it cool enough to operate properly without overheating or burning out. If this fan is not working properly, or if it's set too fast or too slow, it could cause your boiler to overheat, which could result in a loss of flame during operation.

An issue with the Flue Pipe

Improperly installed pipes can create a restriction and reduce airflow, which can cause a reduction in the flames. If you are using a single wall pipe, it is essential to ensure that it is properly installed and sealed at both ends. You should also check that there are no gaps between pipe sections and between the pipe and fireplace walls.

Problem With the Gas Pressure

If you have been experiencing problems with your gas log set for an extended period, there may be something wrong with your gas supply pressure. This could be caused by breaks or leaks in your piping system or by low pressure from an external source. If this is the case, you will need to call a professional for repairs as soon as possible so that they can find out what has gone wrong.

Coils Are Dirty

The coils inside your gas log set should always be kept clean so that they do not get blocked up with soot and ash from burning logs. This can cause them to overheat, which leads to reduced flame output and poor performance overall.

An issue with your flue

If you don't have enough air coming into your fireplace, it will lose its flame. A blockage could cause this in the flue itself or by a clogged chimney cap. Clogged chimney caps can be easily unclogged by removing them, cleaning them out with vinegar and water, and replacing them once they have dried out.

Can I Fix My Boiler with the F2 Fault Code?

The F2 fault code indicates that the flame has been lost. Several factors can cause this, and it’s essential to identify what’s causing this fault before attempting to fix the boiler.

If you get an F2 error code, it’s best to call in a professional who will be able to diagnose the problem and fix it quickly. However, if you want to try fixing the boiler yourself, here are some tips:

Check The Flame Sensor

The first thing you should check is whether there is any damage to the flame sensor. This can happen if it hasn’t been installed properly or if it has been knocked during installation. If there is damage, you will need to replace the flame sensor before continuing with any other checks.

Check The Flame Gun

F2 faults can also be caused by issues with your boiler’s flame gun and its connections. If there is something wrong with either of these parts of your boiler, you will need to replace them before continuing with any other checks.

Check your flue

The most common reason for an F2 fault is that there isn’t enough air being pulled through the fire. This means that the fire isn’t burning correctly and needs more oxygen to complete its combustion cycle. Check your flue and make sure it’s clear so that plenty of air can reach your boiler.

Check your gas pressure.

If you have an inadequate gas pressure, this will cause problems with combustion and lead to an F2 fault code being displayed on your display panel. Turn off your boiler and check your manual for instructions on adjusting the pressure regulator before turning it back on again.

What Could Happen If I Ignore Ideal Fault Code F2?

Running your furnace with a blocked or clogged filter is a big mistake. Over time, the furnace will become less efficient and could even cause damage to your home. If you ignore this error code, here's what could happen:

  • Your furnace won't run at full capacity and may not heat your home properly or efficiently.
  • The furnace may overheat and blow fuses or break down completely, which can damage the motor and burn out any other parts that get too hot, like wiring or circuit boards.
  • Dust and debris can get into your blower motor and cause it to fail. If that happens, you'll need to replace the entire motor assembly.


If your furnace is in need of maintenance and flashes F2, don't take it lightly. This is due to reduced pressure in the gas piping, which prevents a steady flow of gas for ignition. Consider calling a licensed technician to look over your furnace. However, if you have added major features to your property that require additional gas usage, consider getting your gas company out for an inspection.

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