Why We Love Pimlico Plumbers

June 22, 2021

Today, whenever you call a tradesperson out to your home, whether it’s to repair a broken boiler, unblock a drain, or paint the walls (hopefully one doesn’t accidentally follow the other) there’s a certain level of professionalism that you just expect - and rightly so.

You probably expect clean branded vehicles, perhaps appointment reminders and follow up calls to see how everything went.

At the very least you’ll likely expect a clean, presentable tradesperson wearing a distinguishable, branded uniform who is polite and doesn’t get offended if you ask them to wear shoe covers, or maybe someone who ask’s permission to use the ‘facilities ‘.

These things and many more are traits that we just expect now from our local service providers, but it hasn’t always been this way.

Many moons ago it wasn’t uncommon for tradesmen to turn up an hour late in a dirty pair of jeans, stained tee-shirt, and a rusty old Mondeo asking for ‘cash in hand’ payments’, never to be seen again when the problem you called them to fix came back the next day. Things like a smart uniform or great customer service were the guardianship of big corporations and sadly, no one expected any better. 

Enter Charlie Mullins MBE, spotting what now seems to be an obvious need for improvement Charlie set out to ‘change the public perception of plumbing and build a reputation’, and in doing so he has successfully built a multi trade brand that has become renowned for offering all the professionalism and guarantees you’d expect from a company with a turnover more than £40m while still giving a personal service that puts the customer first.

It’s undeniable that the plumbing industry still has a massive problem with cowboys and con men trying to scam trusting homeowners out of their hard-earned cash, but since the success of Pimlico Plumbers, or Pimlico Group, most of us in the trades industry have all followed suit, smartened up and raised our game as a new benchmark in industry standards had been set, and customers started expecting more.

As a professional heating company that prides itself on offering a fairly priced service that delivers great value for money with an outstanding customer experience, here at Heatsy we just wanted to say a big fat thank you to Mr. Mullins and everyone at the Pimlico Group.

By constantly demanding more from themselves and setting higher and higher standards for us all to aspire to, they’ve not only helped us to aim for bigger and better things, but they’ve also given our customers the confidence to expect more from us and that has helped to weed out the cowboys and restore some trust and pride into an industry that was crying out for some sort of guidance.

The days of ‘DIY Dave from down the pub’ trying his hand at boiler installations are now thankfully coming to an end, and the continued success of Pimlico Plumbers has played a massive part in that.

As the future success of Pimlico looks nothing but assured, we expect industry standards and customer expectations to remain high, allowing us, and companies like us to capitalise on the void left by those that won’t offer the service expected and encouraging us to evolve, grow and reach for new heights that were perhaps previously thought out of reach for small independent plumbing and heating companies, and that is why we love Pimlico Plumbers.

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