Why We Recommend Vaillant Boilers

June 13, 2021

At Heatsy, we know boilers. We also know that not all boilers are made alike- as you shop for heating options, it’s crucial to prioritise brands with a history of premium quality and industry-trusted reliability. That’s why we want to take the time to recommend Vaillant boilers as some of the best boilers for domestic heating in the UK.

Since 1894 when Johan Vaillant patented a new “closed-system” gas-fired bathroom boiler, Vaillant has been a champion of innovative boiler technology, leading the industry in efficient, powerful, and dependable domestic boilers Vaillant represents over 140 years of innovation, making them the number one choice for any quality boiler installer.

We at Heatsy are so proud to be industry partners with Vaillant, and we can’t recommend their products highly enough. As you shop for the best domestic boilers, we want you to know these reasons why Vaillant’s products are a cut above the rest:

Thoughtful Design

Vaillant is a brand synonymous with innovation and reliability, but it’s not just their technical superiority that makes them our number one choice for boiler installations, it’s also their thoughtful, sleek, and aesthetically pleasing design. Vaillant boilers feature straight, crisp lines and soothing blue back lights for understated elegance that will fit neatly into the decor of any space.

Vaillant’s design excellence doesn’t stop with the outside. On the inside these boilers are equally as beautiful. Vaillant’s products are designed to strike a delicate balance between efficiency and reliability, while at the same time prioritising ease of common sense maintenance. Vaillant’s products’ distinct design represents industry pre-eminence inside and out- but design isn’t the only thing that makes these boilers stand out from the crowd.

Green Ingenuity

At Heatsy, we are committed to building a more sustainable future for domestic heating. That’s why Vaillant boilers are always our #1 recommendation- their commitment to environmental consciousness and green tech is simply unparalleled.

All Vaillant’s boilers are designed to save customers money while also saving the planet, using a modulation ratio of 1:10, which translates to energy usage reductions up to 90%. But Vaillant’s mission of sustainability doesn’t stop with modulation rates. ‘

Vaillant’s perhaps most impressive contribution to the mission for global sustainability is its Green IQ badge system. Designed to set benchmarks for outstanding quality in sustainable products, the badge distinguishes well-engineered, future-networked heating systems that achieve a minimum carbon footprint while still providing premium quality- like Vaillant’s EcoTec exclusive boiler. This Green IQ certified boiler is made of 85% recycled materials and is the most efficient boiler created to date, pioneering technology for the future of sustainable domestic heating.

Diverse Options

The Vaillant boiler range has a model to suit every installation, no matter your space, your needs, or your price-range. One of the things we love the most about Vaillant is how this company takes diverse customer lifestyles into account to provide a flexible range of options. Here are some of the excellent Vaillant options you should know:

  • The Ecofit

    Vaillants smallest and most affordable boilers, the Ecofit range is designed to fit easily into tight spots like small cupboards and closets, making this option ideal for small spaces and customers on a budget.

    Available as a conventional boiler, system boiler, or combi-boiler, this efficient little device comes in a range of power outputs designed to meet the heating needs of any space. These compact, lightweight, and ultra-quiet boilers are perfect for the modern needs of busy homes. All EcoFit boilers keep energy consumption to a minimum with premium components that create outstanding performance. Don’t let its small size and reasonable price-point fool you- it’s one of our absolute favourite Vaillant products.

  • EcoTec Pro

    One of Vaillant’s most popular boilers, the EcoTex pro is a flexible combi-boiler that is suitable for most small flats and houses. The EcoTec Pro priorities ease of use, providing instant hot water with no need for a tank or a cylinder. Its three compact sizes (24kw, 28kw, and 30kw) mean that this boiler can fit almost any lifestyle. The EcoTecpro is quickly installed in just one or two days, guaranteeing years of high-efficiency and low-cost domestic heating.

  • EcoTec plus

    Perhaps Vaillant’s most famous boilers, and with good reason- it is clearly one of the best boiler installations available today. Designed with premium components for maximum efficiency, quality, and reliability, the EcoTec plus is available as a conventional boiler, a system boiler, or a combi-boiler, and comes in a range of power outputs to meet diverse home heating requirements.

    Each option features Vaillant’s signature low-energy consumption and is ultra-quiet. In fact, the EcoTec plus line received the Noise Abatement Society’s Quiet Mark award for innovative reduced-noise design, making this line of products an outstanding choice for an environmentally conscious, peaceful, and comfortable household.

  • EcoTec Exclusive Green IQ

    Last, but certainly not least, is Vaillant’s latest innovation in gas central heating, the creme dela creme of domestic boiler installations, and, quite frankly the best boiler we’ve ever installed: the Vaillant EcoTec Exclusive Green IQ.

    Combining Vaillant’s complete range of smart technologies and features, you can be sure you’re fitting the very best when you fit this new exclusive heating option. Consisting of two large output combination boilers with extra-condense technology and a single system boiler with an ingeniously engineered integrated diverter valve the EcoTec exclusive with GreenIQ intelligently manages consumption and output to keep all its components running at peak performance for longer, providing the best low-maintenance solution that you can rely on.

At Heatsy, we offer premium installation services for socially responsible customers who prioritise value, reliability, efficiency, and the future of our planet. That is why we recommend Vaillant boiler installation to all our clients. With top-tier reliability, unmatched design quality, and industry-leading green credentials, Vaillant’s products are simply some of the best boilers available for domestic heating needs in the UK.

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