Environmental Policy

We are committed to:

Preventing harm to the environment by reducing risk related to our activities. Complying with applicable legal and industry standard requirements associated with our activities. Achieving continual improvement in environmental performance.

Key company wide environmental focus areas have been identified for monitoring environmental performance and achieving continual improvement.


Digital quotes, certificates, invoices and work reports. Only printing where absolutely necessary. Encourage cashless payments.


Offer customers the option,where appropriate, the use of reconditioned boiler parts and materials. Only use recycled or recyclable materials such as paper and only as a last resort. Safe and environmentally efficient disposal of waste, using government approved treatment centres for decommission of toxic materials such as old boilers and parts.


Stay at the forefront for new and future technologies such ASHP / GSHP / Hydrogen fuel cells etc. Advising customers of appropriate controls to increase efficiency including outdoor weather compensation or load compensation. Pledge to only install industry leading appliances such as Vaillant or Viessman boilers.

Operational impact

Reduce the day to day impact of our business operations taking measures including but not limited to: setting indoor temperatures to a maximum of 19oc for heating and 22oc for cooling.

Turning off electrical components and appliances at the end of a working day, other than those needed for safety and security such as fire alarms or CCTV. Using energy efficient light bulbs and appliances. Installation of dual flush toilet cisterns. Vehicles not to be left idle. Transition from Euro 6 diesel vans to electric fleet vehicles. Efficient planning of engineers diaries to reduce road miles .

Carrying sufficient common stock items on vehicles to maximise chances of a one visit fix and reduce miles of both materials/parts collection and a second visit.

Moral obligations

Educating customers giving specific and relevant advice for their individual needs including: water consumption and reduction applications such as dual flush toilets or combi save.

Efficiency of current heating system and efficiency upgrades including magnetic filters and heating controls. Efficiency of hot water production including rapid charge cylinders and hot water priority.

Efficiency of current heating appliance and advice of appropriate upgrades including Condensing boilers, Fuel cells and heat pumps. Advice on building efficiency including insulation, triple glazing, thermal benefits of using carpets etc.

Planting trees for every boiler we install to help offset the future carbon emissions, donating 1 cup of clean drinking water for every boiler we repair or service. Ban of all plastic within our offices and our engineers are encouraged to use and given reusable drinking bottles.

Carbon neutral boiler installations

As well as only installing industry leading Vaillant or Viessmann boilers we also promise to plant three trees for every boiler we install, we also promise to plant three more trees a year, every year for as long as we maintain the gas boiler.

By doing this we can offset the carbon produced by our heating installations and ensure our installations are carbon neutral.